If We Can’t Change #Time, Why Count Days

If We Can’t #Change Time, Why Count Days?

For the Light 🕎, “whose measure is longer than the #earth🌏 and broader than the #ocean🌊,” containing the #infinite🔁 #wisdom📈 of G-d, was given to finite beings, men limited to a life-span of short duration, of “#threescore✅3️⃣ years and ten, 🔟or, if in #strength🌪, fourscore years❌4️⃣.

Can a being so limited in #time do #justice⚖️ to such an #unlimited🔁 #gift💝? Can a finite being like man have any grasp of the #infinite 🔁Light?

That is why, in preparation for receiving the Light🕎, we were #commanded 📜 to count the days in order that we be #impressed 🧘🏿‍♂️ with the significance of Time⏳.

It is thereby emphasized that although we cannot alter the #flow of time, either #stretching📉 it or retracting it, this is so only #superficially🧞‍♂️. In #reality🧜‍♂️, each #particle☄️ of time, not any long #period🍩, but even a day, gives us almost #infinite 🔁possibilities. Therefore, although #human👽 life is limited on this #earth🌏 to a certain number of years, one is not limited in one’s possibilities to use them in such a way, and to #accomplished📈✅ so much, as would take others thousands 🔟0️⃣0️⃣of years⏳ to accomplish📈✅.


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My 2015 Annual Review: Lessons What Went Well and What Needs Improvement

Chris Guillebeau on his blog “The Art of Non-Conformity” every end of year will write his Annual Review.

Follow good things Chris has done, every year I set aside a long block of time, typically the better part of the week, to look back at the year that’s ending and look ahead to the next.

And so we begin the 2015 Annual Review

I try to live an active life and pursue a lot of different challenges and adventures. Pretty much every time I begin the review, I think, “What a crazy year it’s been!” J

In year 2015, I set with a big optimistic mental note, even tough there was still a noisy sound in my head that said I was worry to face the year.

While I was sitting down in a bus commuting from home to my office writing this notes, I want to share that I am feeling super excited. I am thinking of all the good things happened in my life with all the achievements. As usual, negative noise in my head also came, saying that I wasn’t really fulfilled my target achievement this year.

What Went Well in 2015

This year, I managed to finished my first Full Marathon by conquering the super hot The Jakarta Marathon 2015. Even tough I passed the cut off time by 38 minutes, luckily Iwas still registered as the Full Marathon finisher at the official web site of the race.

I also managed to complete reading 49 books in one year. I was following Seth Godin advise that “if you read book 20 minutes per day, every day without skipping a day, you can finished 52 books in a year.” And I have proofing that this advise to be true.

On 28 February 2015, while treated as a newbie in running community, EID Runners, an official running community in EID, which just founded in 30 May 2014, has managed to held a fun run race event sponsored by Pocari Sweat.

One year after its establishments, EID Runners members reached 130+ hence treated as the biggest sport community in EID.

On 29 October 2015, again, EID Runners, as the newly established sports community in EID, obtained an honor from EID Sports Competition 2015 committee to held men and women estafet running race.

What Needs Improvement in 2015

While participating for a Full Marathon race, I need to finish before the cut off time hence I can be treated as an official Full Marathon finisher.

On reading books, I need to make summary and review of the book I just finished reading.

For EID Runners, with big members (130+), we hope most of our members will spare his/her time to be active in participating EID Runners events.

Thank you All for the big achievement in 2015 and lets plan more success in 2016.

What is our 2015 review?

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Collaboration in a telco war room

Hari ini, di dalam sebuah war room operator telco Biru, sekitar 27 orang terlibat dalam upaya integrasi radio eNb sharing antara operator Biru dan operator Kuning. Vendor masing-mading operator yaitu *atacom dan *okia buat operator Kuning dan *ricsson buat operator Biru beserta para PIC ari operator Biru dan Kuning.

Sungguh menarik melihat bagaimana para experts bekerja. Kelihatan cuma sedikit komunikasi yang dilakukan lintas team operator Biru dan Kuning beserta team dari vendornya. Tetapi karena masing-masing expert sudah mengerti tugas masing-masing, kolaborasi terjadi cukup progressive.

Tidak ada upaya untuk saling menyalahkan, tetapi semua team member berusaha berkolaborasi untuk satu tujuan supaya radio eNb sharing antar kedua operator Biru dan Kuning berhasil sukes.

Tetap semangat, All!!!

Bagaimana suasana war room di tempat kita bekerja?

#Diambil dari buku kehidupan