If We Can’t Change #Time, Why Count Days

If We Can’t #Change Time, Why Count Days?

For the Light 🕎, “whose measure is longer than the #earth🌏 and broader than the #ocean🌊,” containing the #infinite🔁 #wisdom📈 of G-d, was given to finite beings, men limited to a life-span of short duration, of “#threescore✅3️⃣ years and ten, 🔟or, if in #strength🌪, fourscore years❌4️⃣.

Can a being so limited in #time do #justice⚖️ to such an #unlimited🔁 #gift💝? Can a finite being like man have any grasp of the #infinite 🔁Light?

That is why, in preparation for receiving the Light🕎, we were #commanded 📜 to count the days in order that we be #impressed 🧘🏿‍♂️ with the significance of Time⏳.

It is thereby emphasized that although we cannot alter the #flow of time, either #stretching📉 it or retracting it, this is so only #superficially🧞‍♂️. In #reality🧜‍♂️, each #particle☄️ of time, not any long #period🍩, but even a day, gives us almost #infinite 🔁possibilities. Therefore, although #human👽 life is limited on this #earth🌏 to a certain number of years, one is not limited in one’s possibilities to use them in such a way, and to #accomplished📈✅ so much, as would take others thousands 🔟0️⃣0️⃣of years⏳ to accomplish📈✅.


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Upgrade Night Activity – Continued

Malam ini untuk yang ketiga kalinya kami melakukan aktifitas kerja malam untuk sebuah pekerjaan upgrade di salah satu Telco Operator.

Pengalaman menarik yang saya dapat pada malam pertama adalah ketika kami mendapatkan problem. Saya mengkontak teman-teman di seluruh dunia yang masih online sekitar jam 01.00AM.

Ada yang di Bali, Singapore, Mexico, Arab, dan USA. Kebetulan kami memiliki WhatsApp Group untuk silaturahmi koneksi pekerjaan kami (OSSID). Nah teman-teman di WAG OSSID inilah yang membantu untuk mensolve masalah yang kami hadapi. Thanks, friends! 🙂

Saya cukup bersyukur dan puas di era Digital Ae ini, yang membantu mensolve problem dalam prkerjaan saya via kolaborasi dengan teman-teman di seluruh dunia lewat Net.

Bagaimana Digital Age mempengaruhi cara bekerja kita?

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