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165 Books Have Been Read in 2020

Hello, apa kabar kita menjelang akhir tahun 2020?

Setelah selesai membaca 49 buku di tahun 2015, 45 buku di tahun 2016, dan 50 buku di tahun 2017, 123 buku di tahun 2018, dan 160 buku ditahun 2019, big thanks to hidup tanpa TV, nah ditahun 2020 ini saya berhasil membaca 165 buku (102 buku berbahasa Inggris dan 63 buku berbahasa Jepang). Dalam kurun waktu 5 tahun, saya berhasil membaca hampir 600 buku!

Berikut daftar 165 buku yang telah selesai saya baca di tahun 2020 ini:

Hello, how are we doing towards the end of 2020?

After finishing reading 49 books in 2015, 45 books in 2016, and 50 books in 2017, 123 books in 2018, and 160 books in 2019, big thanks for living without TV, now in 2020 I managed to read 165 books (102 books in English and 63 books in Japanese). In 5 years, I have read nearly 600 books!

The following is a list of 165 books that I have finished reading in 2020:

English books:

  1. Goals! By Brian Tracy
  2. Industrial Machine Learning by Andreas Francois Vermeulen
  3. Architects of Intelligence by Martin Ford
  4. AI for Marketing and Product Innovation by Stan Stananunathan, Andrew Appel, A.K. Pradeep
  5. Artificial Intelligence for Dummies by Luca Massaron, John Paul Mueller
  6. Blockchain Success Stories by Evan Karnoupakis, Sir John Hargrave
  7. The AI-Powered Workplace by Ronald Ashri
  8. Mastering Blockchain by Daniel Cawrey, Lorne Lantz
  9. The Real Business of Blockchain by Christophe Uzureau, David Furlonger
  10. Blockchain by Karim R. Lakhiani, Marco Iansiti, Don Tapscott, Catherina Tucker, HBR
  11. Blockchain for Dummies by Tiana Laurence
  12. Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas M. Antonopoulos
  13. Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin by Jack Tatar, Chris Burniske
  14. The Greatest Miracle in the World by Og Mandino
  15. Principles for Success by Hiroshi Mikitani-Sama
  16. Understanding Bitcoin: Cryptography, Engineering and Economics by Pedro Franco
  17. Blockchain Development for Finance Projects by Ishan Roy
  18. Mastering Blockchain by Imran Bashir
  19. Bitcoin for the Befuddled by Conrad Barski, Chris Wilmer
  20. Investigating Cryptocurrencies by Nick Furneaux
  21. Something Else to Smile About by Zig Ziglar
  22. Investment Banking for Dummmies by Matthew Krantz, Robert. R Johnson
  23. Super Mind by Norman E. Rosenthal M.D
  24. The Way Brain Success by Andrew J. Sutter
  25. Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen
  26. Sell It Like Serhant by Ryan Serhant
  27. Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari
  28. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield
  29. The Art of Closing The Sale by Brian Tracy
  30. The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, Dr. Judith Powell
  31. Magnificient Obsession Lloyd Douglas
  32. Grinding It Out by Ray Kroc
  33. The Gratest Salesman in The World by Og Mandino
  34. Welcome to The 21st Century by Tim O’reilly
  35. Consciusness and Brain by Stanislas Dehaene
  36. Money by Tony Robbins
  37. The Gospel of Wealth by Adrew Carnegie
  38. The Secret of Our Success by Joseph Henrich
  39. The Autobiography of George Muller
  40. Acres of Diamonds by Russel Conwell
  41. You Can by George Matthew Adam
  42. Power vs Force by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.
  43. Children are from Heaven by John Gray, Ph.D.
  44. Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas
  45. The Art of Leadership by Michael Lopp
  46. Abundance by Peter H. Diamandis, Steven Kotler
  47. Thoughts Without a Thinker by Mark Epstein, M.D.
  48. How Google Works by Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg
  49. The Wisdom of Genevieve Behrend
  50. The Secret of Success by William Walker Atkinson
  51. Transcending by David Hawkins
  52. The Hidden Power by Thomas Troward
  53. The Creative Process in The Individual by Thomas Troward
  54. The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward
  55. The Law and The Word by Thomas Troward
  56. As A Man Thinketh by James Allen
  57. The Secret of The Ages by Robert Collier
  58. Made in The USA by Vaclav Smil
  59. A History of India by The Great Courses
  60. Self Mastery by Emile Coue
  61. The Mental Equivalent by Emmet Fox
  62. The Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard
  63. Compassion by Dalai Lama
  64. Talks on Truth by Charles Fillmore
  65. Peace of Mind by Dalai Lama
  66. Creating Affluence by Deepak Chopra, M.D.
  67. Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning by Thomas Troward
  68. Atom-Smasing Power of Mind by Charles Fillmore
  69. The Man Who Tapped The Power of The Universe by Glen Clark
  70. Scrum, The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time by Jeff Sutherland, J.J. Sutherland
  71. The Mythical Man-Month by Frederick P. Brooks. Jr.
  72. The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Chaterine Ponder
  73. The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages by Chaterine Ponder
  74. The Greatest Thing Ever Known by Ralph Waldo Trine
  75. Byways of Blessedness by James Allen
  76. The Mastery of Destiny
  77. The Life Triumphant by James Allen
  78. Mind’s Silent Partner 2. A New Order of Meditation by James Porter Mills
  79. Dynamics for Living by Charles Fillmore
  80. In Tune with The Infinite by Ralph Waldo Trine
  81. Character Building Thought Power by Ralph Waldo Trine
  82. The Millionaires of Genesis by Chaterine Ponder
  83. Peopleware by Tom DeMarco & Timothy Lister
  84. Man, The Unknown by Alexis Carrel
  85. Field Work by Lisa Yamai
  86. Guide fir Family Camp by Snowpeak
  87. Trillion Dollar Coach by Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, Alan Eagle
  88. An Empire of Wealth by John Steele Gordon
  89. The Twelve Powers of Man by Charles Fillmore
  90. The Mystical Life of Ours by Ralph Waldo Trine
  91. The Origin Story by David Christian
  92. Peak by Anders Ericsson & Robert Pool
  93. Creative Confidence by Tom Kelley & David Kelley
  94. Divine Love and Wisdom by Emanuel Swedenborg
  95. Financial Literacy by The Great Courses
  96. The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel
  97. The Science of Being Well by Wallace D. Wattles
  98. The Science of Being Great by Wallace D. Wattles
  99. Thought I Met on The Highway by Ralph Waldo Trine
  100. Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark
  101. History and Power of Mind by Richard Ingalese
  102. The Road to Riches by Ken Fisher

Japanese books:

  1. 孫正義2・0新社長学by聡嶋
  2. 読書のルールby園善博
  3. 世界基準の子育てのルールby鷹 松弘章
  4. 15分哲学教室byアン・ルー二ー
  5. 天皇という世界の奇跡を持つ日本byケント・ギルバート
  6. 自由をデザインする技術by中山慶允
  7. The One Minute Adler by 桑原晃弥
  8. 普通の人がお金持ちになりたくなったらby井口晃
  9. 明日も、こだわらない日にしようby金川顕教
  10. 8割捨てる情報術by理央周
  11. 3か月の使い方で人生は変わるby佐々木大輔
  12. お金は後からついてくるby中谷彰宏
  13. 売れる営業6っの習慣byZigZiglar
  14. 読書についてby Arthur Schopenhauer
  15. 古代日本人とユダヤの真実by中丸薫
  16. 経済学的思考のセンスbyおお竹文雄
  17. Knowledge/Experience/Passion by Eben Pagan
  18. 朝に生まれ変わる50の方法by Akihiro Nakatani
  19. 観客対応のセールストクby手島佑郎
  20. Youtube大富豪7っの教えby菅谷信一
  21. 1億円貯める方法をお金持ち1371人に聞きましたbyトマス・J・スタンリー
  22. Opportunity by エベン・ぺーガン
  23. 最強の営業部隊のつくり方by寺岡ひかる
  24. Facebookを最強の営業のツールに変える本by坂本翔
  25. Bible (Japanese Version)
  26. 億万長者専門学校byクリス岡崎
  27. メルカリ転売入門by阿部悠人
  28. マリッジ・プレミアムby赤城夫婦
  29. ユダヤから学んだものの売り方by立川光昭
  30. 世界最強の商人byオグ・マンディーノ
  31. 成長マインドセットby吉田行宏
  32. ユダヤの商法by Marvin Tokayer
  33. プロフェッショナルセールスマンby神谷竜太
  34. 自己実現の方法byサミュエル・スマイルズ
  35. 宇宙ブジネス入門by石田真康
  36. 日本の論点2019-2020by大前研一
  37. ユダヤタルムードブジネスby手島佑郎
  38. スゴイ!話し方by山崎拓巳
  39. BCG が読む経営の論点2019 by The Boston Consulting Group
  40. 富と成功もたらす7つの法則by Deepak Chopra
  41. 賢い子に育てる突極のコツby瀧靖之
  42. 社長になる人に知っておいてほしいことby松下幸之助
  43. The New Money by ジョー・マッケンジー
  44. いま金を買わずしていつ買うのか!by植田進
  45. Output by 樺沢紫苑
  46. 日本のお金持ち研究by橘木俊昭、森剛志
  47. Libra by 木内登英
  48. New Elite by Piotr Feliks Grzywacz
  49. 投資家みたいに生きろby藤野英人
  50. 30歳からはじめる品格のあるお金持ちになれる資産形成マニュアルby岡本和久
  51. X-Tech 2020 by Accenture
  52. 世界トップ企業のAI戦略byEYアドバイサ
  53. 中小企業のためのIoTとAIの教科書by島崎浩一
  54. 5G でビジネスは変わるのかbyクロサカタツヤ
  55. 26の行動原則byDanKennedy
  56. あなたはかならず成功するby Study Group of Murphy’s Laws
  57. 100%思い通りの自分に変わる方方(7 Secrets That Will Transform Your Life) by Woody Woodward/井上裕之
  58. あなたが宇宙パワーを手にいれる瞬間(Power, Freedom, and Grace) by Deepak Chopra
  59. Fintech, 電子マネー革命がやって来る!by安達一彦
  60. 7 日間で人生をかえよう(Change Your Life in 7 Days) by ポール・マッケンナ
  61. Proof of Genius by 中田敦彦
  62. Bold by Peter Diamandis
  63. 人もお金もついてくるリーダーの哲学by井上裕之

Winter Tokyo, Dec 31st 2020!

Program Donasi Buku ke Sekolah Republik Indonesia Tokyo (SRIT)

Hari ini Jumat (20 Nov 2020) jam 11.30AM Tokyo time, sebagai bagian dari aktivitas philanthropy, telah disumbangkan 55 buku ke Sekolah Republik Indonesia Tokyo (SRIT).

Buku-buku tersebut adalah buku-buku kasayangan saya yang berisi tentang personal development, motivation, finance, dan technology. Ada buku yang berbahasa Inggris, Japanese dan bahasa Indonesia.

Buku-buku tersebut diterima oleh Bu Rina yang juga adalah petugas piket perpustakaan hari ini. Dan laporan donasi buku juga telah kita sampaikan kepada kepala sekolah Pak Saidan.

Semoga buku-buku tersebut menjadi referensi untuk menambah wawasan para murid SRIT supaya kelak bisa berprestasi kelas dunia dan menjadi diaspora yang akan mendukung kemajuan Indonesia.

Best Ramen-ya @ Meguro, Tokyo #1 Jiro Ramen

Hello! Mulai minggu ini saya akan mengulas sekitar ramen ter-enak di Meguro, Tokyo. Kali ini saya akan mencoba Jiro Ramen. Cuma sekitar 3 menit dari lokasi rumah saya. Lokasi: 3-7-2, Meguro, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo. Berikut website yang mengulas 6 Ramen-ya ter-enak di Meguro, Tokyo:

Dari antriannya kita akan mengerti bagaimana Ramen-ya in favourite dan laris.

Beikut penampakannya…


160 Books Have Been Read in 2019


Setelah selesai membaca 49 buku di tahun 2015, 45 buku di tahun 2016, dan 50 buku di tahun 2017, 123 buku di tahun 2018, big thanks to hidup tanpa TV dan commute time setiap hari, nah saya berhasil membaca 160 buku ditahun 2019. (75 buku berbahasa Jepang dan 85 buku berbahasa Inggris).

Berikut daftar 160 buku yang telah selesai saya baca di tahun 2019 ini:

English Books:

  1. Small Habits, Bit Changes by A.G. Allure
  2. The Value of Money Decoded by Jeremy Kho
  3. The Millenial Roadmap to A Rich Life by Jeremy Kho
  4. The Danish Way of Parenting by Jessica Joelle Alexander, Iben Dissing Sandahl
  5. The Holy Land Key by Ray Bentley
  6. What’s The Future of Work by Tim O’reilly
  7. What’s Your Future Worth by Peter Neuwirth, FSA
  8. Focal Point by Brian Tracy
  9. Shaping The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab
  10. What’s Next, Gen X? By Tamara J. Erickson
  11. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  12. Millenials Raising by Neil Howe & William Strauss
  13. Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. By John Gray, Ph.D
  14. Emergence by Derek Rydall
  15. Shift by Takumi Yamazaki-san
  16. Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner
  17. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  18. Discover The Power Within You by Eric Butterworth
  19. Mastery by George Leonard
  20. Healthcare Disrupted by Jeff Elton & Anne O’Riordan
  21. Driving Digital by Isaac Sacolick
  22. The FinTech Book by Susanne Chishti & Janos Baberis
  23. The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida
  24. Future of The Firm by Josh Bersin, Tim O’Reilly, Roger Magoulas & Mike Loukides
  25. Becoming Wise by Krista Tippet
  26. When To Rob A Bank by Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner
  27. Dark Matter and The Dinousaurs by Lisa Randall
  28. The Birth of Christianity by John Dominic Crossan
  29. Life Hacks by Keith Bradford
  30. Magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol
  31. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason
  32. The Success System That Never Fails by William Clement Stone
  33. Knowing God by J.I. Packer
  34. Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin
  35. Financial Revolution by Tung Desem Waringin
  36. The Dip by Seth Godin
  37. The Big Secret for The Small Investor by Joel Greenblatt
  38. Super Brain by Deepak Chopra, MD & Rudolf E. Tanzi, PhD
  39. Live Rich by Stephen M. Pollan & Mark Levine
  40. Cesar’s Rules by Cesar Millan with Melissa Jo Peltier
  41. Millionaire Bible by Torii Yuichi-san
  42. The Startup Playbook by David S. Kidder
  43. The Rules of Money by Richard Templar
  44. The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle
  45. Alibaba by Duncan Clark
  46. Showing Up for Life by Bill Gates Sr. with Mary Ann Mackin
  47. Train Your Head & Your Body Will Follow by Sandy Weston, M.ED.
  48. The Teenage Brain by Frances E. Jensen, MD with Amy Ellis Nilutt
  49. President Lincoln by William Lee Miller
  50. Soul Survivor by Philip Yancey
  51. Bayesian Methods for Hackers by Cameron Davidson . Pilon
  52. Practical Machine Learning with Python by Dipanjan Sarkar, Raghav Bali
  53. Think Stats by Allen B. Downey
  54. Data Science from Scratch by Joel Grus
  55. Data Science for Business by Foster Provost, Tom Fawcett
  56. The Power of Input: How to Maximize Learning by 樺沢紫苑
  57. Artificial Intelligence by James Wilson, Andrew McAfee, HBR
  58. Artificial Intelligence Basics by Tom Taulli
  59. Lean AI by Lomit Patel
  60. Data Science for Dummies by Jake Porway, Lilian Pierson
  61. Agile Data Science 2.0 by Russel Jurney
  62. Unshakeable by Tony Robbins
  63. Rolling Out 5G: Use Cases, Applications, and Technology Solutions by Markus Mueck, Ingolf Karls
  64. 5G Explained by Jyrki T. J. Penttinen
  65. 5G for The Connected World by Juho Pirskanen, Rainer Liebhart
  66. Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy
  67. Believe It to Achieve It by Brian Tracy
  68. Wisdom by Myles Munroe
  69. Own The AI Revolution by Michael Ashley, Neil Sahota
  70. AI for Data Science by Zacharias Voulgaris PhD, Yunus Emrah Bulut
  71. AI for People and Business by Alex Castrounis
  72. Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt
  73. The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly
  74. Competing in The Age of AI by Karim R. Lakhani, Marco Iansiti
  75. Machine Learning and AI for Healthcare by Arjun Panesar
  76. Artificial Intelligent for Fashion by Leanne Luce
  77. Artificial Intelligence in Practice by Matt Ward, Bernard Marr
  78. Everyday Wisdom Living with Faith by Diana Fransis Oronato
  79. Boston Consulting Group 2018
  80. Rule#1 Investor by Phil Town
  81. I will Teach You to be Rich by Ramit Sethi
  82. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
  83. Steve Jobs by Carmine Gallo
  84. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  85. The Money Code by H.W. Charles


Japanese Books:

  1. Bible (Japanese Version)
  2. NTT No Jibaku by Munakata Seiji-san
  3. Zero Yen De Ikiru by Tsurumi Wataru-san
  4. 0 by Shinichi Hayashida-san & Yohei Tanabe-san
  5. Shikou No-to Jutsu by Tomabechi Hideto-san
  6. Okane No Kihon 200 by Maruyama Harumi-san
  7. Genki Wa Tamareru by Tom Rath
  8. Mote-Doku by Kenta Nagakura-san
  9. Optimisto Wa Naze Seiko Suru Ka? By Martin Seligman
  10. God Mental by Wataru Hoshi-san
  11. Gold Vision by Kazuyoshi Hisano-san
  12. Choukousoku Communication Jutau by Tomabechi Hideto-san
  13. Nenshuu 1 OkuYen wa Okane to Jikan ga Fueru Hito by Akinori Kanagawa-san
  14. Zubora demo Okane ga MiruMiru Tanaru 37 no houho by Kumi Iimura-san
  15. Chenji by Akinori Kanagawa-san
  16. Kimi Wa IchiManEnShatsu Wo Yabureruka? By Tomabechi Hideto-san
  17. Okane no Fuyashikata Wo Oshiete Kudasai by Yamazaki Hajime-san
  18. KaneMochi ShiRei by Satou Mitsurou-san
  19. Saifu Wa Ima Sugu Sutenasai by Akinori Kanagawa-san
  20. Ningen Wa Jibun Ga Kangaeteiru Youna Ningen Ni Naru by Earl Nightingale
  21. Okane Wa Naze Spiritual Nanoka? By Yoshinobu Kanayama-san
  22. Ishou YakuTatsu Okane to Shumai by Teraoka Takashii-san
  23. Hello Worker 150% Tokoton by Sakuji Hyuga-san
  24. Okane No Kyoukasho by Mitsuaki Yokoyama-san
  25. Action Reading by Akana Yuuji-san
  26. Capital in The Twenty-First Century by Hideto Tomabechi-san
  27. Katazuke Hacks by Yusuke Koyama-san
  28. Isshukan Saifu by Mitsuaki Yokoyama-san
  29. Okanemochi Seikatsu no Tsukurikata by Yuhei Sasaki-san
  30. ShitsugyouHouken 150%Tokoton Katsuyoujutsu by Hyuga Sakuji-san
  31. Okane no Hanashi by Hiroyuki-san
  32. ShinSekai by Akihiro Nishino-san
  33. YudayaShiki GakushuHou by Sakamoto Shichiro-san
  34. Saikou No Jingsei no Tsukurikata by Takahasi Keiko-san
  35. Okane no PDCA by Tomita Kazumasa-san
  36. Ima Koso “Okane no KyouYou” wo Min ni Tsukenasai by Kiyohiro Sugashita-san
  37. Ajia Attarashi MonoGatari by Susumu Nomura-san
  38. NihonJin to YudayaJin by Isaiah Ben-Dasan
  39. Yudaya bo Baihou by Den Fujita-san
  40. Idea Hacks! By Junichi Harajiri-san, Ryusuke Koyama-san
  41. Okane no Kagaku by James Skinner-san
  42. 2019Nen KasouTsuuka by Yamada-san
  43. Siawase na ShouKaneMochi e no Yattsu no Steppu by Ken Honda-san
  44. IchiNichi 500En no Chiisana Shukan by Mitsuaki Yokoyama-san
  45. 40Sai Wo Sugitara, TeiJi ni Kaerinasai by Makoto Naruke-san
  46. Hajimete no Hito no Tame no 3000En ToushiSeikatsu by Mitsuaki Yokoyama-san
  47. Chokin Seikatsu Sengen by Mitsuaki Yokoyama-san
  48. Okane no Nagare de Wakaru by Omura Ojiro-san
  49. YudayaJin Daifugou no Oshie by Ken Honda-san
  50. Okane no IQ, Okane no EQ by Ken Honda-san
  51. Sarariman Wa 300Man Yen De Kaisha Wo Kainasai by Masakazu Mito-san
  52. Okane no Nagare de Yomu Nihon to Sekai no Mirai by Jim Rogers
  53. MaiTsuki 5,000Yen de Jidouteki ni Okane ga Fueru Houhou by Mian Sami-san
  54. 世界のお金持ちがこっそり明かすお金が増える by Sachin Chowdhery-さん
  55. 世界一読みたかったお金の聖書 by ザビエル-さん
  56. 学びをお金に変える技術 by 井上裕之-さん
  57. 日本株で成功するバフェット龍投資術 by 小原浩
  58. 巨富を生み出す7っの法則 by 桑原晃ゃ
  59. バフェットの投資原則 by Janet Lowe, 誠一平野(訳)
  60. Health Hacks! by 川田浩志
  61. なぜかすべてうまくいく1%の人だけが実行している45の習慣 by 井上裕之
  62. アベノミクスを越えて by 苫米地英人
  63. 天職の作法by小阪裕司
  64. Get The Life You Want by Richard Bandler
  65. 運のいい人の法則byRichard Wisemen
  66. お金稼ぐ!勉強法 by 藤井孝一
  67. 世界一シンプルな営業の教科書byジグ.ジグラー
  68. マレーシア大富豪の教えby小西文彦
  69. 捨てる時間術by若杉アキラ
  70. Mental Hacks by DaiGo
  71. Reading Hacks by Junichi Harajiri
  72. Live Hacks! By Etsuo Ohasi
  73. Mobility 3.0
  74. 5G ビジネスby亀井卓也
  75. Project of Life by 山崎拓巳

Happy reading!!!

Winter time @ Meguro, Tokyo.

31 Dec 2019

123 Books Have Been Read in 2018

Capture_50 Books Have Been Read in 2017Setelah selesai membaca 49 buku di tahun 2015, 45 buku di tahun 2016, dan 50 buku di tahun 2017, thanks to hidup tanpa TV dan commute time setiap hari, nah saya berhasil membaca 123 buku ditahun 2018. (57 buku berbahasa Jepang dan 66 buku berbahasa Inggris).

Berikut daftar 123 buku yang telah selesai saya baca di tahun 2018 ini:

Japanese Books:

  1. Chokin Doriru by Kazumasa Tsunoda
  2. Okane no Fuyashikata – Mamorikata by Hideki Oe
  3. Okane Mochi No KouDoGaku by Toshiaki Tachibanaki
  4. Zubora Demo Okane Ga MiruMiru Tamaru 37 No Houho by Kumi Iimura
  5. Jinsei Ni Okane Wa Ikura Hitsuyou Ka? By Yamazaki Hajime & Iwaki Mizuho
  6. Naze, Anata No Shigoto Wa Owaranai No Ka by Nakajima Satoshi
  7. Nazeka Okane Ga Fueru Hito No Shunkan 38 by Tomotaka Taguchi
  8. Sekai Ichi Uketai Okane No Jugyou by Tatsuya Wani
  9. Okane No Himitsu by Masataka Anzai
  10. Steve Jobs Kyoui No Presentation by Carmine Gallo
  11. Hon O Yomu Hito Dake Ga Te Ni Suru Mono by Fujihara Kazuhiro
  12. 40-sai Sugitara, Hatararikata O Kaenasai by Tsuneo Sasaki
  13. Kokusai JiyuuJin by Fujimura Masanori
  14. 40sai O Sugitara, Teiji Ni Kaerinasai by Makoto Naruke
  15. “Sukina Koto Dake Yatte Ikiteiku” to iu teian by Yoichiro Kakuta
  16. Letter of A Businessman To His Son by G. Kingsley Ward (JPN)
  17. Business Elite No ShinRonGo by Shiba Ryoutaro
  18. [RonGo] SaiKyou No Katsuyou-Hou by Komiya Kazuyoshi
  19. Zayuu No Ge-Te by Saitou Takashi
  20. Zayuu No Nietzsche by Saitou Takashi
  21. Okane Mochi Ga Kimo Ni Mei-jiteiru Chotto To Shita Shuukan by Kei Sugawara
  22. Survival Jidai No KaiGaiRyoKouJutsu by Takashiro Tsuyoshi
  23. 1440 Fun No TsukaiKata by Kevin Kruse
  24. Atama No Gomi Wo Sutereba, Nou Wa Isshun De Mezameru! By Dr. Tomebachi
  25. Motivation Revolution by Kazuhiro Obara
  26. Okanemochi Seikatsu No Tsukurikata by Yohei Sasaki
  27. Salaryman Wa 300 Man En De Kaisha Wo Kainasai by Masakazu Mito
  28. Sekai No DaiFukuKa by Tony Nonaka
  29. Subete No Kyouiku Wa ‘Sennou’ De Aru by Horie Takafumi
  30. Kenichi Ohmae 2018 Nen No Sekai by Kenichi Ohmae.
  31. Gesshuu 130Man Zuruyuru Buroggu Sakuseijutsu by Mr. S (Kitamura)
  32. Nensho Ga Juubai Ni Naru Dokusoku Toreninggu by Hideto Tomabechi
  33. Shigoto Suru Noni Ofisu Wa Iranai by Toshinao Sasaki-san.
  34. The Platform by Kazuhiro Obara-san.
  35. Zakkuri Wakaru Fainansu by Yuichi Ishino-san
  36. Ta Dou Ryoku by Takafumi Horie-san
  37. Kachi Suzukeru Shenshu Wo Sodateru by Taniguchi Takahiko-san
  38. Okane Mochi No Kyokasho by Kaya Keiichi-san
  39. KaneMochiNou by Tomabechi Hideto-san.
  40. Za Co-chi 3 by Taniguchi Takahiko-san
  41. Japan First by Tomabechi Hidehito-san
  42. OkaneMochi No Kyoukasho by Kaya Seiichi-san
  43. Zangyou Zero No Shigotoryouku by Yoshikoshi Kouichirou-san
  44. Corporate Coaching by Tomabechi Hideto-san
  45. Sukina Koto O Bizinesu Ni Suru Kyoukasho by Hiramatsu Takao-san
  46. Nenshu 150ManYen De Bokura Wa Jiyuu Ni Ikiteiku by Ikeda Hayato-san
  47. Okane 2.0 by Katsuaki Sato-san
  48. Hansou Tsuka To Fintekku by Tomabechi Hideto-san
  49. Jikyuu Shikou by Kanagawa Akinori-san
  50. Subete No Shigoto Ga Yaritaikoto Ni Kawaru by Tomabechi Hideto-san
  51. Hitori Bijinesu No Kyoukasho bya Den Sato-san
  52. 40sai Kara Sa Ga Tsuku Ikikata by Tomabechi Hideto-san
  53. 2020 Nen No NihonJin by Matsutani Akihiko-san
  54. Tomabechi Formula by Tomabechi Hideto-san
  55. Son Masayoshi Ga Kataranai Softobanku No Shinsou by Masashi Kikuchi-san
  56. MaiNichi 500YenDama Ga Tamaru by Ai Ichii-san
  57. Gekkyu 13ManYen Demo 1000ManYen Tamaru Sekkyaku Seikatsu by Miwa Komatsu-san



English Books:

  1. The Millionaire in The Mirror by Gene Bedell
  2. What Got You Here Won’t Got You There Marshall Goldsmith
  3. Be A People Person by John C. Maxwell
  4. The Peter Principle by Laurence J. Peter & Raymond Hull
  5. The Code of The Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani
  6. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg
  7. Ultimate Confidence by Marisa Peer
  8. Pain by Elmer L. Towns
  9. Less by Rachel Aust
  10. Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Dr. Laura Markham
  11. Jony Ive. The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products by Leander Kahney
  12. Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Lapin
  13. Get Smart! By Brian Tracy
  14. The Answer by John Assaraf & Murray Smith
  15. The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D & William D. Danko, Ph.D
  16. Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill
  17. Write Better, Faster by Monica Leonelle
  18. Disappointment with God by Philip Yancey
  19. Publish. Repeat. By Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant
  20. The Big Switch by Nicholas Carr
  21. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale
  22. The New Digital Age by Eric Schmidt, Jared Cohen
  23. Money by Yuval Noah Harari
  24. Free by Chris Anderson
  25. Artificial Intelligence for Business by Doug Rose
  26. Jeff Bezos and The Age of Amazon by Brad Stone.
  27. Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
  28. Deep Work by Cal Newport
  29. Dad Time by Max Lucado
  30. The Heart to Start by David Kadavy
  31. S. Lewis, A Life Inspired by Christopher Gordon
  32. The Age of Spiritual Machine by Ray Kurzweil
  33. What Jesus Meant by Garry Wills
  34. When God Says Wait by Elizabeth Laing Thompson
  35. Jesus Among Other Gods by Ravi Zacharias
  36. The Four by Scott Galloway
  37. Originals by Adam Grant
  38. The Excellence Dividend by Tom Peters
  39. Our Greatest Gift by Henry J. M. Nouwen
  40. Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin
  41. The Power of Persistent Prayer by Cindy Jacobs
  42. 48 days to The Work You Love by Dan Miller
  43. Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari
  44. Mavericks at Work by William C. Taylor & Polly LaBarre
  45. Principles by Ray Dalio
  46. Innovation by Design by Thomas Lockwood & Edgar Papke
  47. Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance
  48. Business Stripped Bare by Richard Branson
  49. Strategy Rules by David B. Yoffie & Michael A. Cusumano
  50. The Big Secret for The Small Investor by Joel Greenblatt
  51. Smart Couples Finish Rich by David Bach
  52. 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin
  53. AI Super Powers, China, Silicon Valley, and The New World Order by Kai-Fu Lee
  54. Competing Against Luck by Clayton M. Christensen
  55. The Great Stagnation by Tyler Cowen
  56. The Art of Communicating by Thich Nhat Hanh
  57. Business Secrets from The Bible by Rabbi Daniel Lapin
  58. How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis
  59. Unlearn by Barry O’Reilly
  60. Time and The Soul by Jacob Needlemen
  61. What’s The Future (WTF) by Tim O’Reilly
  62. Hidden Treasures in The Book of Job by Hugh Ros
  63. The History of Money by Jack Weatherford
  64. Living Buddha, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh
  65. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
  66. Bible

Happy reading!!!

Winter time @ Meguro, Tokyo.

31 Dec 2018

Ketinggalan barang di KRL Japan, kurang dari 24 jam ketemu

GAPKemaren setelah gajian (di Japan biasanya gajian tanggal 25 tiap bulannya), aku membeli celana kerja merk GAP di Yokohama station. Lalu saya naik KRL Tokyu Toyoko line untuk pulang. Karena aku mau baca buku di HP, dan barang tentengan cukup banya, aku menaruh tas belanjaan di rak diatas KRL. Walaupun ada suara kecil yang mengatakan bahwa ada kemungkinan aku lupa membawa tas belanjaan, aku tetap menaruh disitu.

Kereta cukup padat berhubung, rush hour jam 6 sore. Didepanku ada sepasang orang tua yang bercertia dengan cukup seru. Sang Bapak sudh cukup umur dan selalu meminta sang istri untuk mengulangi perkataannya karena mungkin sudah agak tuli. Aku membaca buku sembari mendengar pembiacaraan sepasang orang tua tersebut. Kadang aku tidak focus ke bacaanku sendiri.

Di stasiun Mushashi Kosugi, tempat aku biasa turun untuk transit ke Meguro, aku turun. Lalu naik ke Meguro line. Duduk dan mulai membaca. Lalu aku sadar bahwa tas belanjaan ku ternyata sudah ketinggalan. Aku pun turun di stasiun berikutnya (stasiun Tamagawa). Mencoba menunggu kalua Kereta yang tadi aku naikin akan lewat. Ternyata sudah lewat. Yang dating adalah Kerata local setelah Kereta express yang aku naiki tadi. Lalu aku bertanya ke salah seorang gadis yang sedang menunggu Kereta. “Moshi nimotsu ga densha de wasuretara, dou shimasuka?” kata ku. Yang artinya: kalua ada barang ketinggalan dikereta, bagaimana sebaiknya?. Si gadis mengatakan, “Eki kakarining ni kite kudasai!”, yang artinya, silahkan tanyakan ke petugas stasiun.

Lalu akupun turun tangga dan pergi menghadap petugas stasiun. Kubilang ada barang ku yang ketinggalan di Kereta Tokyu Toyoko line express dari Yokohama kearah Shibuya. Lalu petugas menanyakan kapan dan bagaimana bentuk barang yang ketinggalan tersebut. Aku katakan tas GAP dari bahan kertas yang berwarna biru navy. Petugas tersebut pun menyuruh saya menunggu sebentar. Katanya mungkin akan memakan waktu. Sewaktu menunggu, di loket stasiun, ad seorang gadis yang minta tolong ke petugas kereta untuk memprint ulang bukti pembelian kereta Teiki-ken. Teiki-ken itu adalah sejenis kartu Kereta berlangganan dari 1 sampai 3 bulan yang cukup murah di Japan. Kartu ini banyak digunakan oleh orang Japan yang route pergi dan pulang sama setiap harinya, jadi bisa lebih murah. Aku sendiri pakai ticket Kaishu-ken. Kaishu-ken itu beli ticket 11 lembar dengan cukup membayar buat 10 lembar. Jadi discount sekitar 10%. Aku memakai Kaishu-ken karena route pergi dan pulang tidak sama. Tapi masih dapat harga yang lebih murah. Orang Japan bilang yang kulakukan cukup jarang dilakukan oleh orang Japan pada umumnya. (Outlier kali ya?)

Setelah menunggu 10 menit, petugas stasiun memanggil saya dan bilang bahwa tas belanja aku belum ketemu, dan beliau memberi aku selembar brochure yang berisi no contact yang bisa kuhubungi besok hari.

Keesaokan harinya, jam 8.30 pagi, aku menghubungi no yang disebutakn tersebut. Setelah memberi semua informasi tentang jenis barang yang tertinggal dsn aku menunggu sebentar, lalu si petugas Customer Service bilang bahwa tas aku belum ketemu dan menganjurkan aku untuk menelpon 3 lines yang terhubung dengan jalur Tokyu Toyoko line yang kemaren, yaitu:

  1. Tokyu Toyoko Line
  2. Tobu Tetsu Line
  3. Seibu Testu Line

Setelah sampai di kantor, dan mengirim beberapa email, sekitar jam 10-an, aku pun menelpon ketiga lines tersebut satu persatu. Nah, ketika aku mengontact line ke-3, ternyata barang yang tertinggal ketemu dna petugas Customer Service memberi no. barang dan no contact stasiun tempat barang tersebut berada. Ternyata barabg tersebut berada di stasiun Kotesashi. Stasiun Kotesashi tersebut sangat jauh ternyata, berad di ujung jalur Tokyu Tokyoka Line. Sekitar 1 jam dari lokasi kantor ku. Sebagai gambaran, jarak 30 menit naik kereta di Japan sudah termasuk jauh disini.

Yang menarik adalah, untuk pegi kesana, aku perlu ke stasiun Ikebukuro dan transit ke Kotesashi naik Seibu Ikebukuro Express Line, dimana aku cuma perlu bayar ticket Kereta dari stasiun terdekat dengan kantor ke Ikebukuro, tapi dari Stasiun Ikebukuro aku cuma perlu bilang ke petugas stasiun bahwa akum mau ambil barang yang tertinggal di stasiun Kotesashi, jadi gratissss pulan gpergi dari Ikebukuro-Kotesashi-Ikebukuro.

Di stasiun Kotesashi, petugas meminta tanda pengenal ku dan menyuruh aku menulis nama, alamat dn tanda tangan dlam secarik kertas, lalu beliau memberikan tas belanjaan ku yang ketinggalan sekitar pukul 12.30 siang.

Jadi tas belanjaan ku yang ketinggalan kemaren jam 6.30 sore bisa ketem lagi jam 12.30 siang hari berikutnya (dalam 24 jam).

Hebat ya culture Japan dan system management barang yang hilang bisa dalam waktu kurang dari 24 Jam untuk kota sebesar Tokyo!!!


Autumn, Tokyo 2018

50 Books Have Been Read in 2017

Setelah selesai membaca 49 buku di tahun 2015 dan 45 buku di tahun 2016, nah tahun ini saya berhasil selesai membaca 50 buku. 15 buku diantaranya buku berbahasa Jepang.

Berikut daftar 50 buku yang telah selesai saya baca di tahun 2017 ini:

  1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  2. The Aspirational Investor by Ashvin B. Chhabra
  3. Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki
  4. God’s Story Your Story by Max Lucado
  5. The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey
  6. Born for This by Chris Guillebeau
  7. Living with Purpose by Dr. Myles Munroe
  8. Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend
  9. My Warren Buffett Bible by Robert L. Bloch
  10. The Lexus and The Olive Tree by Thomas L. Friedman
  11. How to Worry Less about Money by John Armstrong
  12. The Return of George Washington by Edward J. Larson
  13. The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach
  14. Napoleon Hill is on The Air
  15. Go Rin No Sho by Miyamoto Musashi (Japanese)
  16. They Were Christian by Cristobal Krusen
  17. Bushido: The Soul of Japan by Nitobe Inazo (Japanese)
  18. Unlocking the Bible by David Pawson
  19. Bible NKJV
  20. Warren Buffett Ground Rules by Jeremy C. Miller
  21. What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami
  22. The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi
  23. Secrets of The Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker
  24. The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau
  25. How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously by Jerrold Mundis
  26. The Lost History of Christianity by Phillip Jenkins
  27. Nihon Marugoto by Abe Naobumi & Michael Braser (Japanese)
  28. Mengenal Moster Pribadi by Dr. Julianto Simanjuntak
  29. Has Christianity Failed You by Ravi Zacharias
  30. On Calvary’s Hill by Max Lucado
  31. Be All You Can Be by John C. Maxwell
  32. Mendidik Anak Tangguh Menuai Keluarga Utuh by Dr. Julianto Simanjuntak
  33. The List by Yuval Abramovitz
  34. The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancey
  35. Kanarazu Kueru 1% No Hito Ni Naru by Fujihara Kazuhiro (Japanese)
  36. Speedo Shigotojutsu by Nendo Ooki (Japanese)
  37. 40 Ju Dai Kara No Seikou Tetsugaku by Aoki Satoshi (Japanese)
  38. Work Life Balance by Yoshie Komuro (Japanese)
  39. Okane No Tetsugaku by Kazumasa Tomita (Japanese)
  40. Dekiru Hito No Jinsei No Ru-ru by Richard Templar (Japanese)
  41. Yudaya-shiki WHY Shikou-hou by Kani Ishizumi (Japanese)
  42. Work Shift by Lynda Gratton (Japanese)
  43. How to Work with Angels in Your Life by Kevin Basconi
  44. Prevail by Cindy Trimm
  45. High Output Management by Andrew S. Groove (Japanese)
  46. Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  47. The One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G. Allen
  48. Ichi Nichi 500 Yen No Chisa Na Shunkan by Mitsuaki Yokoyama (Japanese)
  49. Hajimete No Hito No Tame No 3000 Yen Tohyou Seikatsu by Yokoyama Mitsuaki (Japanese)
  50. The Zero Marginal Cost Society by Jeremy Rifkin (Japanese)

Rencana saya di tahun 2018 ingin bisa selesai membaca 50 buku berbahasa Jepang.

Berapa buku yang telah bisa kita baca tahun ini?

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The Ascension Day with Ravi Zacharias

Hari ini, tanggal 25 May 2017, saya menghadiri acara kebaktian memperingati Hari Kenaikan Isa Al- Masih. Bertempat di Ballroom Kuningan City lantai 7.

Yang cukup mengejutkan lagi, yang membawa kotbah adalah Apologetic Preacher “Ravi Zacharias”.

Ini adalah kesempatan sekali dalam seumur hidup untuk bisa menyaksikan Ravi Zacharias secara langsung.

Praise the Lord karena mimpi saya terkabulkan.

Berikut rekaman dari kotbah Ravi Zacharias yang berdurasi 46 menit 28 detik.

Selamat mendengar kotbah ini!

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Male and Female

Dalam buku nya yang berjudul “Unlocking The Bible” David Pawson menjabarkan perbedaan antara Pria dan Wanita, yaitu:

A. Average Male:

1. Taller

2. Angular

3. Analytical

4. Gosl-Oriented

5. Abstract

6. General

7. Things

8. Truth

B. Average Female:

1. Shorter

2. Curved

3. Intuitive

4. Need-Oriented

5. Concrete

6. Particular

7. People

8. Love

Irisan antara keduanya adalah Effeminate Masculine.

Apakah kita bisa disisi Effeminate Masculine?

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