A #Joker Investor

A Joker #Investor🐦🙋‍♂️🤳

In the book titled “Capital in The Twenty-First Century” by French Economist, Uncle Thomas Piketty, these are the capital portfolio:

1. Land (property)🏕

2. Gold (Tangible money) 👑

3. Bond (low risk)⬇️

4. Stock (high risk)⬆️

Hopefully in the next book revision, Uncle Piketty will add

5. Crypto 🐦🙋‍♂️🤳

#investor #capital #stock #land #crypto

One Comment

  1. If we are going to move towards Gold Standard, how valuable are the current Cryptos going to be…?
    Is there a Crypto currency that is pegged to Gold price? I guess there must be sine there are literally thousands of Cryptos in the world…

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