30 Days of Genius – Elle Luna

Dalam interview dengan Elle Luna oleh Chase Jarvis pada Creative Live 30 Days of Genius series, key take aways yang bisa kita dapat adalah:

  • Do 100 days project every day without skipping so you won’t need to be graduated from Yale, Harvard, or MIT
  • If you only do the “must” every day hence you will only do the most important things in your daily live as a habit
  • Meditation and other self awareness activities will enable you to learn on your boredom so you can either focus on your current task or change the focus
  • By identifying your boredom you can learn on other new things like gardening, writing, cooking. etc
  • From the busyness of the day (like meeting, problem solving, etc), we can step away and take a breath so we can focus to the most important matters of our project instead of just be busy
  • When we have more “fun” we get more “done”
  • We need to work enough so your brain will be working and you can do the task as enough but not enough until you destroy the creativity

Recommended books:

  1. Frederick The Field Mouse by Leo Leoni
  2. The Power of Myth by Joseph Capmbell
  3. Siddharta by Herman Hess
  4. The Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin
  5. Self Awareness by Amy Scott Grant
  6. Steal Like an Artist by Justin Kleon

Last quote: ” Follow your blessing and don’t be afraid. And the door will even open while you didn’t even know where it is going.”

Bagaimana sikap kita menghadapai kesibukan sehari-hari?

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