This is Your Day-of-Trumpet-Blasts

On The 1st Day of The 7th Month

1 On the first day of the seventh month, gather in #holy worship & do no regular work. This Your Day-of-Trumpet-Blasts.

2 Sacrifice a Whole-Burnt-Offering: one young bull, one ram, & seven male yearling lambs —- all healthy —- as pleasing fragrance to G-d.

3 Prepare a Grain-Offering of six quarts of fine flour mixed with oil for the bull, four quarts for the ram,

4 & two quarts for each lamb,

5 plus a he-goat ad an Absolution-Offering to atone for You.

Num 29:1-5 from Bible The Message version

#blasts #holy-worship #no-regular-work #lamb #g-d

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