The Killing Fields

Anarchy & Chaos & Killing!

1 A Message concerning #Egypt:

Watch this! G-d riding on a #fast-moving-cloud, moving in on Egypt! Thr god-idols of Egypt shudder & shake, Egyptiand paralyzed by panic.

2 G-d says, I’ll make Egyptian fight Egyptian, brother fight brother, neighbor fight neighbor, City fight city, kingdom fight kingdom —- anarchy & chaos & killing!

3 I’ll knock the wind out of the Egyptians. They won’t know coming from going. They’ll go to their god-idols for answers; they’ll conjure ghosts & hold seances, desperate for answers.

4 But I’ll turn the Egyptians over to a #tyrant most #cruel. I’ll put them under the rule of a #mean, #merciless-king!”

Decree of The Master, #G-d-of-The-Angel-Armies.

Isa 19:1-4 from Bible The Message version.

#Egypt #fast-moving-cloud #cruel #merciless-king #g-d-the-angel-armies

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