Promotion at The Right Time

He’ll Promote You at The Right Time

1 I have a special concern for you Church Leaders. I know what it’s like to be a Leader, in on Lord JC’s suffering as well as the coming Glory.

2 Here’s my concern: that You care for G-d’s flock with all the diligence of a #shepherd. Not because You have to, but because You want to please G-d. Not calculating what You can get out of it, but acting spontaneously.

3 Not bossily telling other what to do, but tenderly showing them away.

4 When G-d, who is the best #Shepherd of all, comes out in the open with His #rule, He’ll see that You’ve done it right & commend You lavishly.

5 And You who are younger must follow Your Leaders. But all of You, Leaders & followers alike, are yo be #down-to-earth with each other, for —-

TBC in the afternoon message.

1 Pet 5:1-5 from Bible The Message version.

#promotion #shepherd #rule #leader-follower #down-to-earth

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