Star Wars – 10 Interesting Facts about DARTH VADER

Dalam video Youtube yang sedang saya follow, Wisecrack menyebutkan 10 fakta menarik tentang Darth Vader (sebuah figure dalam serial Star Wars), sebagai berikut:

1. Many actors of help to create Vader: David Prowse, Hayden Christensen, Spencer Wilding, Jake Loyd, Sebastian Shaw, Bob Anderson.

2. He never pupes

3. Orson Welles was almost become Vader voice, but James Earl Jones provided Vader voice in the original trilogy

4. He didn’t always wear helmet

5. David Prowse didn’t know that his voice will be replaced

6. Vader has no father

7. His children were well kept secret

8. He ties for most limbs lost

9. Vader is the most profitable Star Wars character

10. His story isn’t over

Bagaimana fakta-fakta ini menambah wawasan kita tentang Star Wars terutama Darth Vader?

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