In Search of Excellence

Tom Peter dan Robert H. Waterman, JR. dalam bukunya yang berjudul “In Search of Excellence.

Sebuah buku yang dipublish ulang pada tahun 2003, yang saya beli di Singapore pada tahun 2004 dan baru bisa saya baca secara complete sekarang. A good book. Recommended!

Begini sedikit cuplikannya:

“If you want to know a good company’s shared values, just look at its annual report. Sure enough, the annual reports and other reports and other publications of the excellent companies make clear what thet’re proud of and what they value.

1. Delta Airlines: “There is a special relationship between Delta and its personnel that rarely found in any firm, generating a team spirit that isevident in the individual’s cooperative attitude toward others, cheerful outlook toward life, and pride in a job well done.”

2. Dana. “The Dana style of management is getting everyone involved and working hard to keep things simple. There are no policy or procedure manuals, stack up layers of management, piles of control reports, or computers that block information andcommunication paths… The Dana style isn’t complicated or fancy. It thrives on treating people with respect. It involves all Dana people in the life of the company.”

3. Caterpillar. “Availability of parts from dealers and from Caterpillar parts distribution facilities combined wasat a record high levelin 1981.” And, “Caterpillar dealers are consistently mentioned by customers as a prime reason for buying Caterpillar products. Many of these dealerships are in their second and third generations of affiliation with the company.”

4. Digital. “Digital believes that the highest degree of interaction in any of its activities needs to br in the area of customer service and support.”

5. J&J. “Back in 1890, Johnson & Johnson put together the original first-aid kit in response to a plea from railroad workers who needed treatment on the scene as they toiled to lay tracks across America. Ninety years later the name Johnson & Johnson is still synonymous with home wound care.”

Bagaimana values di company kita dibuat?

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