In a quest to become “1 percent”

“Motivation gets you started, HABIT keeps you going” by Jim Rohn

It may take a long haul to be the number one at your workplace, but to join the one percent of population who can finish a full marathon will take longer way to run.
Why marathon, one may asked.
Well, all is started with a first step.
In need for an exercise regimen to maintain health, I started running since September 2012.
I chose running since it’s the easiest sports and the most economical as you only need shirts, pants and a good pair of running shoes.
After I quit smoking in June 2013, I had developed the new habit.
Scientifically, human needs 21 consecutive events to build a new habit that may take days, or weeks.
Story short, running has become my routine.
My running distance started from 300 meters in the first two weeks, 500m in the following 2 weeks.
I run my first 700m on Dec 26, 2012, which was my 40th birthday.
On my birthday the year after, I managed to run for 26.12 kilometers.
As I’m getting more fit and my body craving for more physical activities, I set the new goal of running for a marathon.
Hence the past year I have prepared my body and mind for it.
To prepare for a marathon you need a will power, discipline, strong physical body and healthy/stable cardio.
I run three times a week the whole year and skipped it only when I was not well.
During running, I always trying to keep my heart rate at 80 percent of my maximum heart rate.
(Max. heart rate for 40 years old is 180 beats per minute (bpm), hence 80% is around 90-153 bpm).

Capture_Know Your Number

Table 1: Know Your Number

A study says that only 1 percent of human population on earth who can finish a full marathon (42.195K).

It’s indeed a big challenge, but I will just keep on running into it.


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